Hyundai Electric Router 1800W (HP1800-ER)


Operating power 1200W I 8.5A(970W) 1800W I 12.5A(1420W)
Capacity 230V-50Hz I 120V-60Hz 230V-50Hz I 120V-60Hz
ldle rotation speed 9,000-30,000/min 9,000-23,000/min
Moulding basket lifting 0-60mm I 0-23/8” 0-60mm I 0-23/8”
Mould cutter diameter 6/8mm I 1/4“/5/16” 6/8/12mm I 1/4“/5/16”/15/32”
Weight (exluding parts): 4.4kg I 9.7lbs 6.25kg I 13.8lbs
Sound and Vibration
Constant sound pressure level LpA 91dB(A) 97dB(A)
Sound power level Lwa 102+3dB(A) 108+3dB(A)
Hand-arm-vibration 1.39m/s2 3.72m/s2

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