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    Hyundai Tubular Battery 14 Amp (12HBT190T)

    TypeAntimonial Lead
    Positive plate constructionSpine Plate Lead Oxide
    Nominal voltage per battery12.60 to 12.70 Volt
    Float charge14.1 Volt per battery
    WEIGHT (with Tolerance)Net. Weight - 32KG +- 0.125KG
    Gross Weight - 33.8KG +- 0.5KG
    Recommended charging (Max)14 to 16 Amps
    Capacity for 20 hour rate of discharge155Ah( for 20 Hours)
    Weight per battery 30.100 kg
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    Hyundai Tubular Battery 16 Amp (12HBT260T)

    TypeAntimonial Lead
    Positive Plate ConstructionSpine Plate Lead Oxide
    Negative Plate ConstructionFlate Plate (Spongy Lead)
    Nominal Voltage per Battery 12.60 to 12.70 Volt
    Float Charge 14.1 Volt Per Battery
    Recommended Charging (Max)16 Amps to 18 Amps
    LIFE CYCLE10.8 to 10.5 Volts Per Battery
    Approx. Electrolyte Volume3.400 Liter Per Cell
    Weight Per Battery 39 kg + 3% Provision
    No of plat 7
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